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Nifty Music is the leading web 3.0 artist accelerator.

We’ve helped launch the careers of some of the most successful forward-thinking musicians who embraced blockchain technology for their releases.

Our independent artists have already generated over 1 million dollars with their music through our methods.


$1 million+ NFT sales

The music creators working with us already generated over 1 million dollars with their music

1000+ collectors

There are over one thousand active music fans and collectors in our network

5+ years experience

We have 3 years of experience working in music NFTs and over 5 years in crypto

Is this course for you?

Choosing the right educational platform is crucial for your success.

Who will benefit the most from this course?

Independent Musicians trying to generate income from their music at any stage of their career. Our academy offers the tools, strategies, and insights to help you stand out in a crowded industry. With our hands-on approach, we’ll show you how to use new technologies to your advantage.

Are you curious about blockchain technology and NFTs and their potential to revolutionize the music industry? Nifty Music Academy welcomes those with no prior experience and provides a clear pathway to understanding and profiting from them.

Looking for collaborations and networking opportunities within a thriving community? With us, you’ll find a supportive environment to connect with like-minded individuals and industry experts all around the world!

Still Unsure? We’re Here to Help!

If you’re still uncertain about whether Nifty Music Academy is the right choice for you, don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team. We’re committed to helping you make an informed decision and are available to answer any questions you may have.

All it takes is an open mind and some pioneer’s spirit to explore the new world of Music NFTs.

Join Nifty Music Academy today and embark on a path towards greater creative and financial freedom with your music!

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What our alumni are saying:

We have launched some amazing artists

Here are some of the success stories from our artists. We sold out every collection, organically.

Violetta Zironi

Violetta Zironi is an Italian born and raised singer songwriter and actress.
In January 2022, after a decade long independent career, and multiple movies (including trending Netflix original, Rose Island), she dove into the world of music NFTs with Nifty Music and has released 3 very successful collections.

Handmade Songs, Moonshot and Another Life,
which have generated a total of 425 ETH in secondary volume

Moonshot by Violetta Zironi

Moonshot is a music NFT collection based on 5 songs written by Violetta Zironi and 2500 unique, hand-drawn artworks by Giuseppe Zironi (Violetta’s dad), a renowned Disney illustrator for over 30 years.
One of the most successful music NFT releases to-date.
Click to see collection

Josh Savage

Josh was born in England, raised in Paris, and is now based in Berlin.
He’s a singer-songwriter with a passion for creating innovative experiences and building communities.
He has toured with the likes of Snow Patrol and opened for Robbie Williams.

Love Letters, his album released through Nifty Music, is the #1 Music NFT collection released by an independent artist from the UK. 

Love Letters by Josh Savage

Love Letters is a collection based on 8 songs by Josh Savage, featuring a variety of different arrangements of the songs.
888 unique artworks, created by hand on paper, with real physical objects, then photographed and framed.
Love Letters is the best selling music NFT collection in the UK to-date.
Click to see collection

Rae Isla

Rae Isla splits her time between Brooklyn, Mexico City, and Seattle, where she’s from.
Her self-produced EP landed her coverage in publications like Complex, Earmilk, and Popdust, a music video premiere in MTV Latin America, and headline shows at venues like Rough Trade and Mexico City’s iconic Departmento club. Rae Isla has carved a space for her genre-blending, ethereal songs.

Rae is leading with innovation in the web3 music scene, and her NFT collection ‘rocks’ released through Nifty Music one of the largest to date. 

Rocks by Rae Isla

Rae Isla’s Rocks is a 1,000 Music NFT collection for music lovers, rock hounds, and web3 believers. It features 111 unique rocks from her real life collection, attached to 4 fully produced studio songs from her forthcoming album, and a combination of unique visual traits that come with their own significance and IRL activations.
Click to see collection

Fifi Rong

Chinese-British vocalist, songwriter, and producer FiFi Rong has an impressive career with over 100 million plays in China and many more worldwide. 

Her impressive collaborations include renowned artists such as Skepta,  Tricky, Yello (on , Phaeleh, and the late Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. FiFi has garnered acclaim from The Guardian, The Times, NME, and many other publications.

Fifi was one of the first artists to experiment with Music NFTs and has successfully released multiple collection.

Other Side by Fifi Rong

Other side is a collection of 777 NFT with artwork generated by Nifty Music. The whole concept of the drop from artwork to mechanics is a product by Nifty Music. (floor drops) Other Side is part of the latest EP “Hopium” recorded and produced by Fifi Rong.
Click to see collection


UK artist ALYSS is a singer, producer & visual artist born and raised in the suburbs of North London. Her music received extensive support from BBC Radio 1 and her collaborations include The Blessed Madonna, MJ Cole & Connie Constance as well as a support show for Sampha. 
ALYSS’ track Pyramid became a viral sound on TikTok and millions of streams on Spotify. 

Alyss has quickly gained traction in the web3 music environment and is now collaborating with Nifty Music on her latest drop. 

Hydra by Alyss

Hydra is the upcoming drop by one of our latest artists Alyss. The collection consists of several versions of the song Hydra spread across 333 NFTs with different rarity.
Click to see collection

Other artists include

Vincent Littlehat

Taylor Alexander

Adam Protz

Alone Architect


Why Music NFTs?

What’s the difference in marketing your music in conventional ways (streaming, social media, etc.) to music nfts and web3?

It takes about ONE MILLION streams to earn $3.000. It takes 60 NFTs sold at $50 to achieve the same result.

NFTs are like vinyls, but digital. It’s an asset that contains music in limited edition and can be bought and sold multiple times on the secondary market.

Music collectors and true fans are willing to pay more for singles and albums sold as a digital collectibles. NFTs (unlike vinyls) are not perishable, making them the ultimate collectible item.

For the music fan: Blockchain technology allows for certified digital ownership and provenance, making scams and fakes impossible.
For the musician: Music NFTs are sold directly form the musician to the collector, without middlemen, making stronger fan-artist relationships.

The Music NFT market is still developing, which means that competition is lower than traditional markets.
Now is the ideal time to get started and become one of the first artists to embrace the possibilities of the new internet and all of its potential.

Buying music NFTs directly from their favorite musicians is a great way for fans to support an artist’s career in its early stages.
As the artist grows, there’s also the potential of earning a profit by re-selling their limited edition early releases, which may increase in value.
Fans can now show they were there first and gain from their good taste in music!

For artists, Music NFTs are a great way to incentivize fandom. Tradability and liquidity makes it more attractive to invest in an asset initially since it can be passed on. With each sale artists earn royalties for a sustainable stream of revenue.

Musicians: You just need to make music, we’ll teach you the rest.

Music schools: Simply add our course to your curriculum to join our partner program.

What does the course look like?
Take a peek inside

Introduction to NFTs and the Blockchain
The basics. No buzzwords. No bulls**t. A real-world look at what it really means to release music on the blockchain.
How To Find Collectors And Expand Your Reach
How to present yourself online in an effective way and find YOUR collectors. Best practices for promoting music in web3.
Staying Safe In Web3
All you need to know about securing your money and your assets as a web3 creator. Common scams and how to avoid them.
Technical Aspects Of Creating And Selling NFTs
A deep dive into the specifics of “minting” music. Where, when and how. Smart contracts, edition size, pricing, best platforms.
Case Studies of Successful NFT Artists
Analysis of the top music NFT collections and how they made it. How to apply these strategies to YOUR music.
Planning And Creating Your Project
Having learned what it takes and how to make it, let’s create your project now! How to create a plan of action and set into motion.
Launch Your NFT Collection
The time has come! You’re now ready to release your first music NFT collection! How to get the maximum return from your launch.
Project Performance Review
Your first project is out there now. How’s it doing? What to do after sold-out? And what if it didn’t sell out? Let’s plan the future of your web3 career now.
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Added benefits

A Thriving Global Community
Connections are key in the music industry. Nifty Music Academy is your ticket to a wider community of like-minded creators and collectors. Fast-track your networking!
One of the biggest benefits our students report is the “class environment” and the goal structure. We’ll all help you to stay on track and on the path to success!
Post-Course Support
We’ll always be here for you! Our tutors constantly get questions from music NFT creators. Past students always have priority!
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Let’s find out if we match in a quick chat.

1-1 Assessment Call

We are looking for dedicated, and passionate artists excited to explore a new form of music monetization.

What makes our academy different?

Here’s why past students say it’s worth far beyond its price:

The course consists of 8 modules taught in live video classes. One class lasts between 1.5 – 2 hours. 

Direct call with one of our tutors before and after the course to make sure you’re taken care of. 

Our tutors have first-hand experience and have been working in the space for several years. Our team is made up of innovators involved from the very beginning. Nifty Sax was one of the first people to ever create a music NFT collection. There are only few people with experience as extensive as among our team. 

Our tutors take time to answer all questions individually. There is always a section in the online classes for all questions to get answered. This makes the learning progress much faster as there is always someone available to help out. 

Nifty Music sold out all their collections in collaboration with their artists. The strategies we teach are proven to work in the market.

The goal of the course is to know how to sell music as NFTs and to successfully release individual collections. With our methods artists will be able to make up the course fee and gain much more in future sales. 

There are plenty of opportunities to network within our academy, whether it’s inside the online classes or within the Nifty Music community. Networking as a musician is key. We provide an environment where dozens of musicians are chatting and collaborating every day. 

Our main priority is to provide a safe environment for all artists we work with. Without guidance people tend to make mistakes often resulting in financial loss. Our team has experience in all areas in the crypto sector and knows how to maintain a safe experience throughout all stages. 

The relationship doesn’t just end with the completion of the course. We make sure to support artists with any questions they might be facing managing their first projects. 

We provide all artists with advice on our evaluation of the current market situation. This is very helpful and important for planning any projects and releases.

Our team are artists, content creators, and entrepreneurs. We offer our artists relevant material, such as guides, or informative content even after the course ended. 



for partner programs
$ 1249 one time
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Full access to course
  • Pre-course assesment
  • Post-course support
  • Only with referral code


full access to course
$ 2499 one time
  • 30 day money back guarantee
  • Full access to course
  • Pre-course assesment
  • Post-course support
  • Sign-up anytime


1-1 mentor program
$ 15k average price
  • All round strategy and mentorship
  • Full partnership for NFT launch
  • large scale campaign
  • Priority support
  • 3 – 6 months collaboration

Say hi and get a feel for our community and what we’re up to


Everyday on Twitter! (X) (Mon – Fri)

We host a daily weekday audio show (Twitter spaces) and chat with our community. It’s an open livestream anyone can join. Feel out the vibe, learn about NFTs, or ask any questions you might have there. 

A problem and a solution for musicians and fans

The music industry is finally shifting with the help of innovation and technology, but especially artists claiming back their control

Artist sovereignity
Control 100%

The music industry has undergone significant changes in recent years. 

For artists, there is now a new avenue for creative and financial independence through modern technology. The artist-driven approach of the new music industry prioritizes ownership, transparency, and self-sovereignty, giving artists control over their creative decisions and career direction while offering innovative ways for fans to participate.

Independent musicians lacking the financial support of labels require sustainable career options beyond relying on streaming and live shows. One promising solution for indie musicians seeking career success are digital collectibles.

Who’s behind Nifty Music?

Milo Lombardi


Nifty Sax is Milo Lombardi, award-winning saxophonist, composer and Music Director.

My success in web3 inspired me to co-found Nifty Music, a music NFT incubator helping fellow artists create their own successful projects (Moonshot, Love Letters, Rae’s Rock Collection etc.).
Nifty Music projects generated over $1 million in music NFT sales, collectively.

I have been on-boarding fellow music creators to web3 since early 2021 and our Nifty Music Academy, an 8-week music NFT course, is one of the best music NFT educational platforms out there, with an incredibly high success rate of our students.

Releasing music on the blockchain and innovating in web3 feels like the culmination of my career as an artist.
I have found my home, my friends and my mission.

Nik Cosmo

Artist Relations

I’m an artist and musician and got passionate about the crypto space a few years ago.

The experience I gained from the early NFT days eventually led me to Music NFTs, where I gave my music career a new trajectory.

I quickly established a community around my artistic pursuits and realized the significance of this innovative approach to earning from music while growing a community.

The project of Nifty Music, including the curriculum we offer at the academy, extends and builds on my artistic vision. Since I entered the crypto world, I have been enthusiastic about educating and assisting people in exploring new technology and its possibilities.

At Nifty Music, we prioritize the artist and provide comprehensive training, which resonates with me. Nifty music is an excellent platform for my artistic, forward-thinking, and entrepreneurial spirit to prosper.

Fifi Rong


Joining the Nifty Music team was a logical extension of my own trajectory as an avant-pop and artist and producer in both web2 and web3.

Nifty Music’s vision—revolutionizing how artists monetize their work and sustain their careers through blockchain technology—resonates strongly with me. With a unique vantage point of being fluent in both traditional and decentralized digital landscapes, I find myself particularly aligned with the company’s forward-thinking ethos.

While the Nifty Music Academy serves as an educational arm, it’s the overarching vision of Nifty Music that captivates me the most. This broader blueprint for redefining artist success is both compelling and in sync with my own aspirations.

In my role on the team, I contribute my extensive community building and music industry experiences. This provides me the opportunity to make real changes and help fellow artists adapt and excel in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.

Paolo Umberto Orlandi


Why did I leave my comfort zone and I go all in on Web3?

simple, it’s the most asymmetrical bet in modern history. Everything in this space will need to be reinvented, adapted. There are too many opportunities not to jump in with all the clothes on. Freedom, innovation, believers, hunger for a better future, all critical ingredients to success.

As a serial IRL entrepreneur and content creator, I couldn’t hope for anything better

but why NiftyMusic?

The brightest minds of web3 found a home and a place to thrive in this amazing community.

Life is an opportunity, and I am determined to take full advantage of it.

And you?

We answered some of your questions

NFT stands for Non-Fungible Token.

It simply means that it’s an item that is unique.

For example:

  • A dollar bill is Fungible: if we exchange one for another, it doesn’t matter which dollar you have; they’re all equal.
  • A painting is Non-Fungible: a painting is unique and we cannot be exchanged for another. There will always be only one original painting and only one person can own it. All the other versions of the painting are simply copies of the original.

NFTs refer to digital items that obtain uniqueness through blockchain technology. This technology certifies both the origin of the item (who created it) and the owner (who currently holds it).

So, a Music NFT is just like an mp3, but more advanced.

  1. NFTs are the access pass to an artist’s ecosystem. For example, access to the music, livestreams, community chat, or other perks only holders of the NFT get.
  2. 1.NFTs can have multiple versions, with different artwork or audio, each with their own unique identification number, recorded permanently on the blockchain, which is an immutable record.
  3. While mp3s of a single song are infinite, NFTs are scarce and collectible. For example, a single song can be published in a limited supply of 100 unique copies, just like a vinyl but more advanced.
  4. The technology behind NFTs allows for new, “smart” ways of automating the distribution process. For example, a song in NFT form can be sold again and again after the initial purchase. Every time a sale happens, royalties can automatically be distributed to each writer and contributor of the song.
  5. NFTs are forever tradable. The market price will be determined by the collective perceived value of the artist and the song, meaning that a particular song could increase and decrease in value over time, just like paintings do. That’s why collectors sometimes treat NFTs as “investments”.

The blockchain is a secure digital ledger that records and verifies transactions. It’s like a decentralized database spread across many computers, making it reliable and difficult to tamper with. It ensures transparency and trust in digital transactions and ownership.

There exist several blockchains out there. NFTs are primarily hosted on the Ethereum blockchain. Bitcoin, on the other hand, is the original and most widely-known digital currency. Ethereum, meanwhile, is the preferred blockchain for creating various applications and integrations for the internet.

NFTs are based on a smart contract, which is like a self-executing digital agreement. Once the terms are set, they cannot be modified or altered by any third party, ensuring transparency and security in ownership and transactions.

Like with any technology involving money, there are also false players in the crypto field. While regulation is still minimal and applications new, it opens up potential opportunities for scammers to make use of the early stage environment. However, with the right knowledge and general rules to follow, you will be able to spot any potential red flags. Part of our course prioritizes safety in web3. 

There is no need for you to bring any technical background or knowledge. We take care of all the technicalities, and our artists focus on making music, learning about the web3 environment, and crafting their project. 

Our track record show that if artists follow the approach we teach, they are guaranteed to sell their first NFTs. Every collection that has been released through Nifty Music has sold out; and we launched some of the largest to date. However, there is no magic receipe, but the formula to success is being carried by the artist through dedication and passion.  

The course should leave you with extensive knowledge and suited up to explore the web3 music environment on your own. (Or together with all the musicians you networked with along the way). Especially the early rounds of the academy course will receive special benefits, which include educational materials, further guidance and support, and access to the Nifty Music community. We make sure we stay connected with our artists and provide a platform for them to connect, learn, and have fun. 

Our course is targeted to beginners. There is no prior knowledge about cryptocurrencies necessary. Although the NFT, and crypto space are connected, there is only very basic knowledge required in order to navigate your way around the market. The modules we teach also focus on the general understanding of the crpyto field in relevance to Music NFTs. 

The price for NFTs depend on the crypto market, since cryptocurrencies like Ethereum fluctuate in value. The price an artist sets for their NFTs could either go up or down depending on the market. However, the price is also influenced by the demand for your project, which is generally stronger when the crypto market is trending upwards. The more demand, the higher the price. 

The best way to get in touch is to contact us through this website by either filling out the form or scheduling a call. 

The Music NFT environment is largely hosted on Twitter (X) at the moment. However, as the space matures, other social media platforms will become more relevant. The web3 music community on Twitter is still small and the advantage of being early is one of the first striking aspects of getting involved. 

If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to us.